Category: Trying to conceive

The magic number?

TMI alert!!! Sorry to over-share, but I am finding something kind of hilarious … According to internet calculation things,  last month I ovulated on February 18. Because February was 28 days, I am ovulating today, March 18. Best Friend’s wedding — for which I must… Continue Reading “The magic number?”

What’s up, Doc?

You know what? I am a good girl, dutifully following my mile-long list of things to do before we try to get pregnant. I’m doing the whole prenatal vitamin thingy, the whole drink-lots-of-milk and eat healthy food routine, trying to get more exercise. I’m staying… Continue Reading “What’s up, Doc?”

Day 21

Today was the day … No more pills for me!!! Now, for the first time since Grade 12, Darling Husband and I do not have the nice security of Madame Tri-Cyclen, and it’s back to Monsieur Trojan.  And, of course, there is the possibility… Continue Reading “Day 21”

The Big List of No-No’s

I am a total hypochondriac. Whenever I get any symptoms, my fingers are flying over the keyboard, trying to find an e-diagnosis. Darling Husband has gotten more than one tearful phone call as I sobbed, “I have a brain tumor!” Since there are so,… Continue Reading “The Big List of No-No’s”

Have a little … faith?

Before a couple gets married within the Catholic church, they have to undergo a little thing called “The Marriage Course.” As a matter of fact, soon-to-be-married Best Friend is on hers today! At the course, you learn valuable lessons about finances, fighting fair, touching… Continue Reading “Have a little … faith?”