Stop … in the name of love

So, if you’ve been keeping track …

  • We now have Best Friend, Little Sis, Mom, and the entire fam-in-law totally, 100% on the baby train … with Darling Husband and I leading the way down the track. 
  • The big ol’ conception party is scheduled for August, or sometime thereafter. 
  • Yes, there will be cake.
The next step — drumroll, please — is going off the pill

After careful consideration — or something — I have decided that even though I am a little worried of having an accidental knock-up before Best Friend’s wedding, I don’t want to stay on the pill until then, just for the sake of being safe.
I know that the pill is not like baby-poison, and that if I happened to get pregnant right after stopping the pill, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. But I still feel like it’s something that should be totally out of my system for a couple of months. It’s just my own paranoia!
I am so excited, I kinda just want to stop today, but I’m trying to be practical(-ish). I’m only in the first week of tabs, so if I stopped today, it would screw up my cycle and I’d get my period three weeks early … if that’s even possible. I was not the best science student.
Sooooo I am going to keep on keepin’ on for the next three weeks. Then I’ll have my usual week off, Aunt Flow, etc., and then … not take it again. Hopefully then I can continue on, pill-less, and not undergo too much body trauma.

I am very curious as to what will happen. I don’t remember what it’s like to not be on the pill. Will I lose the weight everyone says the pill puts on? Will I have bad cramps for every period? 
I know a few girls who have gone off the pill because they said it made them “sad” and “moody.” Are you serious? Will this make me a happier, nicer person? Sheesh, Darling Husband might be in for a treat!
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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