The pill plunge

This morning, I looked long and hard at my packet of birth control pills. 

I didn’t want to take one …

Since we are planning on trying this summer, I feel like I should get off the pill soon, so I have a chance to get it out of my system. Having been on the pill nonstop for the last eight years, I am skeptical that my body will bounce back immediately. I mean, eight years of daily meds must do something lasting, right?

But going off of it now is risky — and means strict condom usage, ugh — since I can’t risk a slip-up before I need to stand in Best Friend’s wedding, five months from now.
I am so torn. I really want to get off of it now, so my chances for conceiving this summer are good. But I cannot want to get pregnant before July. I can’t risk my matron of honour dress not fitting, or puking at the altar. I can’t do that to Best Friend.
How long should you really be off the pill before TTC? Well, the experts say it will probably take three months to get your cycles back to normal. Apparently it’s not a medical thing, but just a “convenience” thing — i.e. your body might not have a regular cycle right away, which means it might take a while for you to begin ovulating.
I sat on the edge of the bed thinking about it for a good three minutes, but eventually popped one in my mouth as usual.
There’s always tomorrow …

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