In a little more than a week, I will be changing up my morning routine. I’ll wake up to the radio, lie there half-asleep for 10-30 minutes, take a sip of water, and shuffle off my bathroom. Notice the part where I will not be taking my birth control pill?
Yes, Operation Bambino kicks off — sort of — in about a week, when I will finish my current pack of birth control pills and quit ’em cold-turkey. Even though Darling Husband and I are absolutely not trying until the late summer, I want to get the pill out of my system in plenty of time. 
This means for five-odd months, we’ll be back to our pre-married days of condom use. Sigh. The hubs and I have been together since high school, and have only ever been with each other. Technically, we could have skipped the condoms since I was always on the pill, but being the good paranoid Catholics we are, we opted for double protection.
With nothing stopping the baby-makin’ process except a condom, it got me thinking about unplanned pregnancies. I did a little research, and more than half of pregnancies are not planned. Holy!
This is definitely a good argument for taking a prenatal vitamin way before you think about trying to conceive — as my doctor has been insisting for years. 
In that first month, it’s so important to get all the right nutrients, so if it takes you almost a month to even realize you’re preggers, at least you’ll already be giving your baby what it needs.
All this talk of oopsies has me feeling nervous! How effective are condoms, really? Like 99 per cent? Geez. I have planned for too long to wind up having an un-planned one!

So what do you think?

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