Category: Hard times

Big changes are a-comin’!

Oh, hi. I think I forget how to use a computer. I just untangled my fingers from the cord of the vacuum and managed to finally put down the Windex bottle. I have basically done nothing but dust, wipe, vacuum, organize, neaten, sweep, tidy,… Continue Reading “Big changes are a-comin’!”

He works (too) hard for the money

So you all know about Darling Husband and two jobs and his habit of working constantly incessantly all the freaking time really, really hard? And how he was going to cut back when the baby arrived, so he could, like, get to know the… Continue Reading “He works (too) hard for the money”

Five things I have learned about pregnancy hormones

Thursday, February 25, 2010 25 weeks, 4 days pregnant The are real. Like in-your-face real. They are way worse than period hormones — being a bit cranky or teary before you get your period is NOTHING compared to the gut-wrenching emotions of preggo hormones.… Continue Reading “Five things I have learned about pregnancy hormones”

My Husband Rocks

Dear Darling Husband, We have not seen nearly enough of each other lately, because you have been working so hard. While I may occasionally sometimes regularly complain about never seeing you, and whine having to take the bus in bad weather, and insist I… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks”

My Husband Rocks

Dear Darling Husband, We made some big decisions this week. It all started with money. It always starts with money. I am always reminded that it’s the No. 1 reason couples get divorced, so I hate money arguments. But this week, when I was… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks”