Big changes are a-comin’!

Oh, hi.

I think I forget how to use a computer. I just untangled my fingers from the cord of the vacuum and managed to finally put down the Windex bottle.

I have basically done nothing but dust, wipe, vacuum, organize, neaten, sweep, tidy, straighten, polish, and toss for the last … two weeks? Three weeks? I am losing track.

But the good news is … I’m done. It’s ready.

Our condo officially hits the market TOMORROW. Yes, folks, it’s finally happening. Remember our “declaration of (financial) independence” that Darling Husband and I made so long ago? We are taking more steps towards achieving it.

The plan is to sell our condo, for a couple of very important reasons:

A) We want a house with a yard. A condo is great for a couple, but not for a young growing family.
B) We can’t afford to live here. Well, past May, providing I do not return to work full-time. This is an expensive area, and this is an expensive little place.
C) We want something cheaper. A smaller mortage payment (and zero condo fees!) means that Darling Husband can work less, and spend more time with us.

It it still up in the air if I’ll be returning to work in May. I kept thinking I might get used to the idea — or even maybe want to go back — but the closesr I creep to the end of my maternity leave, the more I am filled with dread. I cannot leave Baby Boy. I don’t want to leave Baby Boy. I know that probably sounds needy and weak, but I don’t care.

I love being home with him.
Darling Husband loves me being home with him.
We agree that it’s best for him, and for us.

I still may be going back, so nothing is settled at the moment. I am just hopeful that we are able to do anything and everything we can to make that happen — including selling our condo and buying a cheaper home, wherever that may take us.

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