Category: Hard times

Learning from Laura

Some people buy self-help books or money-management books. Not me. I find financial advice in the childrens’ section.  My guru of choice? Laura Ingalls Wilder, of course. You see, I have always loved, loved, loved the Little House on the Prairie books. I devoured them when… Continue Reading “Learning from Laura”

Making it work

Last week was hard. I’m not going to sugar-coat it.  We had just gotten to a point where Hubby was going to work a little extra in order to put some money away specifically for the baby. This … just completely knocked us down. After much… Continue Reading “Making it work”

Choosing between happiness and security

Yesterday was brutal. Brutal. Like close-my-office-door-and-cry-while-trying-not-to-ruin-my-mascara brutal. Oour minds are on overdrive, trying to figure out exactly how to get the cash we need to pay the big, bad government. Here is the situation: Darling Husband technically has two jobs — his main one,… Continue Reading “Choosing between happiness and security”


Today is a bad, bad day. The taxes were finished this morning.  The last year has been turbulant for me, career-wise, so I had been careful to take off some extra tax to cover my freelance. I guess the math was off, because I… Continue Reading “Taxes”

The land of "If Only"

Had a strangely meaningful talk with Darling Husband yesterday morning on the drive to work. It’s funny how sometimes you plan serious talks, and nothing really comes out of them. But then other times, you are zoned out in morning traffic and end up… Continue Reading “The land of "If Only"”