Category: Happiness

The end-of-summer panic

I shouldn’t be surprised, really, because I’m struck by the same feeling at the end of every summer: The little burst of panic that it’s almost over and I haven’t done everything I wanted to do or, more honestly, everything I felt I should… Continue Reading “The end-of-summer panic”

Why (and how) I bring my kids to my Zumba classes

I sit through taekwondo and ballet every week for them, so why shouldn’t they come to Zumba with me? Shouldn’t Mom get a turn to exercise to keep her body healthy, too?

My own mommy manifesto

I’m going to buy a big canvas and cover it with painted phrases that no one will really understand except me. That’s because the canvas will contain my manifesto — a list of personal commandments that will help me live my happiest life. One… Continue Reading “My own mommy manifesto”

Our family is growing …

Yes, it’s finally happening! We are smitten with this tiny Chocolate Boston Terrier we have named Annabelle, and we’ll bring her home on August 27, 2016 when she’s eight weeks old. Full details coming soon. xoxo

Of campers and camp-moms

After two summers (and two March Breaks) of longing to be old enough to join her big brother at camp, C finally got her wish today. Two lunchboxes, two backpacks, two containers of sunscreen, two hats, two changes of clothes, two windbreakers. Two… Continue Reading “Of campers and camp-moms”