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Yes, I bring my kids to my Zumba classes

You can hear the music before you reach the studio, and see the disco lights flashing through the window. I greet the other students and we chat for a few minutes as we change into our sneakers. But as I shed my hoodie and… Continue Reading “Yes, I bring my kids to my Zumba classes”

Pinterest is my therapist

I had another bad day today.  I could go on about work frustrations and time management struggles and financial concerns and a disastrous house and the fact that our childcare is ending on Thursday, but I don’t want to write it all out.  I’ve… Continue Reading “Pinterest is my therapist”

Six weeks post-surgery || Six things learned

Wednesday marked the six-weeks post-surgery point in my (surprise) hysterectomy recovery, so I thought it deserved a little post. I took this (makeup-free) picture looking out my kitchen window on a particularly down day when I was feeling all of the feelings. I have… Continue Reading “Six weeks post-surgery || Six things learned”