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The day I missed Zumba

I missed Zumba on Monday, but not because I didn’t want to go. I really, really wanted to go. I even got dressed in my Zumba zwag at 6 a.m. (for my 5:30 p.m. class) Who wouldn’t want to wear this shiz ALL OF… Continue Reading “The day I missed Zumba”

Five ways Google helps me be a better work-at-home mom

I’m a Google girl, through and through. They didn’t sponsor this post and I actually pay them money every month (for extra Drive storage, see below) because I am obsessed with them. They make it SO much easier for me to work from home,… Continue Reading “Five ways Google helps me be a better work-at-home mom”

The Self-Employment Meltdown: Pre-Christmas edition

When I worked in an office, this would have been a fun time of year. Work would have been winding down before Christmas. There would be an office Christmas party — like, with actual people other than just me. There would be Secret Santa… Continue Reading “The Self-Employment Meltdown: Pre-Christmas edition”

I got a semicolon tattoo so I’d be honest about my mental illness

Chatting at the bus stop with my five-year-old, volunteering at my three-year-old’s preschool, and hopping in my minivan for groceries, it’s always there: A little black semicolon tattooed on the edge of my right wrist. When I heard about #ProjectSemicolon, which involves displaying a… Continue Reading “I got a semicolon tattoo so I’d be honest about my mental illness”

Another stab at the flab

New month, new me? Let’s hope. Today is the first day of another fitness challenge at my beloved Zumba studio. We did one last fall and I actually won it, although I think I only lost 5-6 lbs. (Two of them have returned, but… Continue Reading “Another stab at the flab”