Three weeks in | Weight Loss Challenge

Today marks the end of the third week in the fitness/weight loss challenge I’m participating in with my Zumba class.

Here’s a quick rundown of how I’m doing:

  • First week (September 10): I was down 2 lbs! (-2 lbs. total)
  • Second week (September 17): I was back up one of those pounds (boo) which was kind of devastating because I’d worked really hard and tracked everything I ate (-1 lb. total)
  • Third week (September 24): As of yesterday, I was back down 2 lbs (-3 lbs. total) and today I was down another pound (-4.6 total). 

I’m psyched to be down nearly five pounds, BUT I suspect it’s because I’ve had a brutal cold since Sunday morning, so I haven’t had the desire to eat All The Bad Things that I would normally eat.

I really, really, really hope I don’t zoom back up a few lbs. at next week’s weigh-in. It’s very disheartening when you’re exercising (something you, uh, never do) and you’re being careful about what you’re eating, and you STILL SOMEHOW GO BACK UP A POUND. I’m looking at you, Week 2!

I’ve been going to two or three Zumba classes each week, and I’m still loving it. I tried Aqua Zumba tonight for the first time, because they were offering a free class. I enjoyed that I didn’t get sweaty, and it was fun to splash around in the water (although I got my hair wet and it’s not hair-washing day, so … !!!) but I still prefer the original classes. I just didn’t feel like I’d gotten the same kind of workout, but maybe I’ll be exhausted and sore tomorrow. Who knows?

No non-scale victories to report yet, in terms of how my clothes fit. Nothing is looking particularly “better” than usual, and I’m still wearing jeans that are a size bigger than my smallest-size-ever a.k.a. That Time I Took A Photo of My Ass in a Fitting Room.

(Full disclosure: I did wear my small-size jeans last week for a few hours, but only when I knew I’d be standing up pretty much the whole time. I think I’d probably bust an internal organ if I sat down in them for too long at this point.)

In related news, I am eating farrrrrrrrr less potato chips than I was before the challenge, and even far less than I was eating in the first week of the challenge.

How have I magically cut back on my No. 1 weakness? I think it’s five-fold …

  1. The app slaps my hand away. By the time the late evening rolls around, I sometimes have no calories left to work with because I ate them all during the day. *sadface* Especially on days when I didn’t exercise and earn more calories. (I’m using MyFitnessPal, BTW, and really liking it)
  2. I distract myself with work. I’ve been working a lot of nights lately, which I dislike because of these five reasons. The only real benefit (other than the employment) is that I refuse to let myself eat chips while I’m working. I’m literally working myself thin, I guess?
  3. I have been sick. There’s nothing like a cold putting you to bed at 8 p.m. (hopped up on a hearty dose of NyQuil) to prevent you from shoving your hand in a bag of Doritos. You’re sleeping! Blissful, calorie-free sleeping!
  4. I’m breaking the habit. It’s true that the less you do something, the less you expect it. I used to eat potato chips of some sort every single night (no lie), so the fact that I’m going multiple nights in a row without them is starting to work. Some nights, I work straight through until 11 p.m., and stuff a handful of Wheat Thins in my mouth on the way to bed because I’m starving. Other nights, I eat plain air-popped popcorn as a TV-watching snack, or cheddar-flavoured Crispy Mini rice cakes. Some nights I eat absolutely nothing after dinner, which WOULD HAVE BEEN UNHEARD OF a month ago — and the crazy part is, I don’t really care! I go to bed with this lovely, thin, empty feeling!
  5. Darling Husband has been working/sleeping during Prime Snacking Hours. Poor Darling Husband. He kinda brings me down, in a weight-loss sense, and he knows it. On the evenings when he’s home (a.k.a. not sleeping at 7 p.m. because he has to get up at 2 a.m.) he is turning on the TV and luring me with a bag of sour cream and onion, like a Potato Chip Pied Piper. It’s very hard to stay strong when allllll I want to do is relax on the couch with him and eat all the chips in the world. He is off tomorrow night and Friday night, so I’m hoping I don’t throw all of my progress in a nacho cheese frenzy.

2 Comments on “Three weeks in | Weight Loss Challenge

  1. I hate seeing people struggling and stressing about this stuff even though I do the same thing to myself all the time. I think it's great that you're making changes and the results are bound to catch up eventually if you stick with it.
    P.S. You might be getting even more of a workout in the pool then you think … the water can make things deceiving like that!


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