Chipaholics Anonymous

I’ve been diligently tracking everything I eat — and all of the exercise I get — since Wednesday, when our group weight loss challenge began at Zumba.
Here is what I have learned so far, in this highly-detailed research into my bad habits …
  • I do OK for breakfast. Eating two soft-boiled eggs for breakfast each day is just fine. Only 66 calories! Verdict: Go onward!
  • Bread is tricky. Some types of white bread actually way less calories than whole grain bread (like HALF the calories) which is stupid and unfair, because whole grain is way better for me. Verdict: Frustrating! (I’m eating a little of both, depending on what we have in the house)
  • Butter is a little bitch. When I did Weight Watchers, I used “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” because it was way lower in points. But, of course, it tastes like bland oil. So now our household uses real butter (no chemicals!) and it’s much higher in calories. Verdict: Worth it.
  • We eat too many convenience foods. We may do homemade spaghetti sauce and pancakes from scratch, but we still a fair amount of frozen fish sticks and chicken burgers/nuggets. This crap is high in calories and salt, and it doesn’t even taste “worth it.” It’s just … so easy? You know? Verdict: I can’t promise we will cut out these convenience foods, but I’m certainly more aware of it.
  • I eat way too many chips. But we knew that, right? Chips are my absolute No. 1 weakness, and I know it’s ridiculous because who feels so strongly about chips (except for me)? No one! I’m tracking every one I eat, and the results aren’t pretty. I bet if I gave up chips entirely, I would be 115 lbs. and look fantastically supermodel-esque. Verdict: Darling Husband is at the grocery store right now, as I type this, and he is NOT buying any chips. That’s saying something.
  • I feel disappointed at myself when I make bad choices … and see them written out for me. There’s nothing like seeing that you ate chips twice in one day — right there, in print, on your phone’s screen — to make you feel guilty. This is why tracking your food intake works, guys. There’s no running from your choices. Own the shame, embrace the guilt, and use it to power through.
  • I really am starting to miss exercise on my non-Zumba days. This is a HUGE development, because I was never, ever, ever one of those people who enjoyed exercise or ever missed it. Ever. But I’m hooked on the endorphins it gives me, and I’m disappointed on non-class days. When I found out earlier that I have to miss tomorrow’s class (Darling Husband works) I was really, really bummed. WHO AM I? WHO HAVE I BECOME?
I weighed myself this morning and I was down a pound, BUT I weighed in at Zumba wearing sneakers, so I suspect I’m really only down half a pound? Maybe?
The official weigh-in isn’t until Wednesday, so I’ll keep you posted.
In the meantime, I leave you with one of my favourite Pinterest quotes … 

I CERTAINLY use food as an anxiety drug — as well as a reward — and until recently, I certainly haven’t been using exercise the way I should — and it really does make me happier.

Have a good week, everyone. Make good choices (i.e. put down the chips with me).


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