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I’m missing nacho cheese crumbs already

I’ve never signed up for any kind of formal weight loss challenge before.  I’ve only ever attempted things on my own, and … that was really only … like once? If I’m only counting serious efforts? But thanks to my newfound love of Zumba, I’ve… Continue Reading “I’m missing nacho cheese crumbs already”

The thing I never expected to love … and did?

I wrote the other day about how I tried to become a runner, succeeded at it for a while, and then promptly dropped it like it was hot (it was hot!). So what did I replace it with? Pretty much the last thing I EVER… Continue Reading “The thing I never expected to love … and did?”

Runnin’ runnin’

So this morning I ran. It’s kind of a big deal, because the last time I went for an actual run, I think I was 14. *** I had been inspired in gym class because I actually won a game of dodge ball —… Continue Reading “Runnin’ runnin’”