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Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 32

Week 32 (March 3-9) Symptoms: Heartburn has become a lot more manageable, providing I remember to take one pill with breakfast, one with lunch, and two with dinner (gotta love that four is the daily max — it’s perfect). I’m very accustomed to the… Continue Reading “Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 32”

Weekly re-cap

(April 4 – April 10) Symptoms: Majorly swollen ankles and feet, pressure on my bladder when I walk around, leg pain, general grunting and groaning when getting up from a laying/seated position. Body changes: This stomach has a life of its own (well, literally).… Continue Reading “Weekly re-cap”

I love you like I love french fries

Friday, April 9, 2010 31 weeks, 5 days pregnant Dear Darling Husband, Thank you for not judging me for the fact that I (accidentally) ate at McDonalds three times in the last two days. Oh wait — you did judge me (and were kind… Continue Reading “I love you like I love french fries”

Diapers, diapers everywhere

Thursday, April 8, 2010 31 weeks, 4 days pregnant Back when I first began my pilgrimage into the land of cloth diapers, I knew — with a lot of certainty — that I wanted to be a BumGenius household. Dearest Amalah only made me… Continue Reading “Diapers, diapers everywhere”

Phat feet

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 31 weeks, 2 days pregnant My feet look like fat, juicy hams. Fat, juicy hams attached to calf-like ankles. It is not a good look for me. Yes, the ankle/feet swelling saga continues. On the plus side, my puffy little… Continue Reading “Phat feet”