Weekly re-cap

(April 4 – April 10)

Symptoms: Majorly swollen ankles and feet, pressure on my bladder when I walk around, leg pain, general grunting and groaning when getting up from a laying/seated position.

Body changes: This stomach has a life of its own (well, literally). I am quite grateful, though, that the rest of me really isn’t much bigger than normal — although it makes me look like very ill-proportioned with this giant belly!

Belly button: Still in (barely) and very small/wrinkled. I think we’re “in” to stay.

Baby movement: Less noticeable this week, as it must be getting crowded in there. Baby Boy moves around the most in the evenings, when I’m lying on the couch (with my phat feet elevated). It doesn’t really feel like kicks anymore — more just squirming and shifting.
What’s new?

Some of my maternity shirts are getting too short! WTF!

Energy level: What is energy, again?

Baby preparations: Nursery is totally done and stocked. We have the travel system and Playard, and are just waiting for the glider to arrive. Ordered the last of the cloth diapers this week, squeeeeeeeee!
Cravings: Nothing that I can remember. Oh wait …
High point: Ordering the diapers and soap online, and buying the baby thermometer and diaper bag — more details on that coming! We literally have everything on our list, except a couple of handmade things I’m working on. Huge relief!

Low point: Anxiety over work. As of this very minute, I have five weeks left in the office — as I have chosen Friday, May 14 to be my last day before maternity leave. I thought three weeks before the baby’s due would be a good time to stop, but now I am questioning how I will even make it that long. Work has been stressful and chaotic lately, and it is getting harder physically to be there for so long, every day.

So what do you think?

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