Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 32

Week 32
(March 3-9)

Symptoms: Heartburn has become a lot more manageable, providing I remember to take one pill with breakfast, one with lunch, and two with dinner (gotta love that four is the daily max — it’s perfect). I’m very accustomed to the shortness of breath, but it still surprises me sometimes, to be breathing hard and clutching my stomach at the top of two flights of stairs. The baseball-jammed-in-the-centre-of-my-back pain is a huge, well, PAIN. It’s making it harder to sit in my desk chair and work, or to handle car-rides.

Body changes: Stomach is still low. Boobs are still … ugh. It makes me sad that they’re not as big as they were last time, but I’m also not as chunky lush as I was during my last pregnancy, so I suppose it’s a good thing.

Baby movement: Evenings are Baby Girl’s dance party time, apparently. Sometimes it’s so intense and uncomfortable that I can’t sleep until she calms down. I feel like Baby Boy’s movements were stronger but less frequent, and Baby Girl’s are more constant and sharp.

Cravings: Homemade muffins with butter. Uh … can’t think of anything else.

Aversions: I usually don’t feel like eating anything anymore. It was like that towards the end last time.

High point: Some lovely playdates! They’re my absolute favourite way to spend the morning, because the toddler is happy to have friends to play with, and I’m happy to have friends to chat with. Win-win!

Low point: Taking the toddler for his hearing test, and getting some unexpected results.

How does this week compare to Week 32 during pregnancy #1? Still no swelling (which was a HUGE issue last time), although sometimes my legs/ankles look a little … thick … when I examine them at night. I can’t press my fingers into them like Silly Putty (like last time), so I don’t think they’re swollen. Just chunky?

Baby preparation: I always leave the door of the nursery open, just so I can walk by and admire it — and occassionally sneak in to sigh over the sweet little baby outfits and shoes. Everything’s done — even the double-stroller is set up (the toddler is using it as a playground in the family room) — and even though we need a few things (changing pad, Playard sheets, etc.) I’m not stressing about it. Yet.

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