Phat feet

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
31 weeks, 2 days pregnant
My feet look like fat, juicy hams.
Fat, juicy hams attached to calf-like ankles.
It is not a good look for me.
Yes, the ankle/feet swelling saga continues. On the plus side, my puffy little tootsies are very amusing to Darling Husband and Little Sis — they love pressing their fingers in to make semi-permanent indents.
On the downside, it has gotten to the point where my toes feel funny sometimes, because they are pressed against each other like fat cocktail weenies. Ewww.
What’s the reason behind my lower extremities turning into meat products? Well, when your feet swell during pregnancy, it’s called “edema” — and it means extra fluid is collecting in your tissue.
Why your feet? Well, gravity! Baby is putting pressure on the veins that lead to your legs, and this makes your circulation slow down and blood pool in your legs. All of this awesome blood-pooling means more fluid in your tissue — and fatter gams/ankles/feet.
The “experts” say you can ease the swelling by:
  • Resting on your left side
  • Putting your feet up whenever you can
  • Rotating your ankles/wiggling your toes
  • Not sitting or lying for extended periods of time
  • Wearing comfy, not-too-tight shoes
  • Wearing support stockings
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Exercising
  • Avoiding sodium
I definitely find the second item — putting your feet up — helps a lot. As for some of the other “tips,” it will be a cold day in hell the day I buy “support stockings.”

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