More, more, more!

Just an FYI: my toddler? Total genius and American Sign Language savant.

  • During dinner at Darling Husband’s parents’ place on Friday night, he was being carried around by one of his aunts. They called me into the kitchen because he was “signing something.” I ducked in and saw him quietly signing “Food! Food!” and “Mommy! Mommy!” We got him his dinner, pronto. Everyone was happy.
  • On Saturday, during a particularly rough car-trip — we seem to have a lot of those lately. Terrible twos ones??? — I started singing the Silly Pizza song from his Signing Time DVDs. At the end of every verse, I would pause — because, damnit, that song takes a lot of breath — and he would sign “More! More!” from the backseat into the mirror. And I would sing. it. again. Pant, pant.
  • When he was done in the bath last night, he signed “All done!”
  • When he woke up this morning, he immediately started signing “Food! Food!”

Pretty soon, he’ll be singing and signing along with me to the Silly Pizza song!
Poor Darling Husband. Hah.

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