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Work-at-home life: Five things you NEED to know about yourself

1. Know your internal clock: I know I’m at my best in the morning (that’s why I get up so early to work on my novel), so I try to schedule as much writing before lunch as possible. I know I always, always, always… Continue Reading “Work-at-home life: Five things you NEED to know about yourself”

Last-minute gift guide for DIYers

The calendar is positively ZOOMING ahead and I honestly can’t believe Christmas is on Friday, but people (well, the kids) keep insisting it really is. I’ve been wanting to put together a post like this for ages and am getting around to it kind… Continue Reading “Last-minute gift guide for DIYers”

The Self-Employment Meltdown: Pre-Christmas edition

When I worked in an office, this would have been a fun time of year. Work would have been winding down before Christmas. There would be an office Christmas party — like, with actual people other than just me. There would be Secret Santa… Continue Reading “The Self-Employment Meltdown: Pre-Christmas edition”

5 family movies I’d like to edit

Sleeping Beauty. The beginning is dreary. The end is one never-ending battle scene that feels like Transformers — and even the dress-changing dance scene at the very end isn’t enough to redeem it. In my version, it is nothing but Aurora and the fairies… Continue Reading “5 family movies I’d like to edit”

Six lunch hacks for busy parents

I microwaved a burger at 7 a.m. and it ended up taking over half my day. Yes, that’s true. I was testing a new lunch idea (item #2) and it worked so brilliantly that I thought: “Hey, self. You should take some poorly-lit photos… Continue Reading “Six lunch hacks for busy parents”