Busy x 10,000,000

Life is going by so quickly these days.
You know the expression, “There aren’t enough hours in the day”?
SO freaking true!

It feels like between taking care of Baby Boy — the world’s busiest little 10-month-old who is now RUNNING around the condo in this hilarious little drunken sailor fashion — keeping up with the housework, cooking, cleaning up after meals (read: the messy 10-month-old), getting the condo ready for showings, doing the showings (curse you, private sale), and doing a whack-load of freelance work, I am just … just … writing the world’s longest sentence, apparently. And tired. And stuff.

I am getting very tired of constantly feeling like I have to race from one thing to the next. Life is not a race. It shouldn’t be, at least. But it’s in my nature to keep DOING until things are DONE. The trouble is, what the hell happens when IT CAN NEVER ALL BE DONE? When there is never enough time? How are people like me supposed to cope with that?

Mat leave is officially over as of next Friday. I will officially be “not working” for a living. Oh my. What will I do with the BUCKETS and OODLES of FREE TIME that I’ll have by NOT WORKING?

Sorry, I’m a little sarcastic and punchy from lack of sleep.
And lack of free time.
I used to do this thing called “scrapbook.”
And this other thing called “read books TO MYSELF.”
And sometimes — I think — this thing called “sewing.”

I must be mistaken. I’d probably run my fingers over if I dug poor, abandoned old Mr. Singer out from Baby Boy’s closet my crafting room.

OK, going to end this haphazard stream-of-consciousness post with putting some wishes out there into the bloggy-blog universe:

  • I wish our condo will SELL ALREADY to maybe ease up this MEGA-BURDEN on my bank account/shoulders/mind/life
  • I wish I could find some time to do creative projects again. Scrapbooking! Sewing! OMG, I used to PAINT AND EVERYTHING! I forgot!
  • I wish for a schedule/life with a smidgen of stability — like with Darling Husband’s work madness — so that I might reclaim something resembling a “normal life”
Good night, dear readers! I must rest up for the big wedding tomorrow.* 
*Yes, I’m watching. I haven’t watched ANY of the tee-up coverage, but it’s history in the making, as Best Friend keeps reminding me. I don’t want to look back in 20 years and say, “Ah, yes. Baby Boy and I were watching some mindless kiddie show on the Treehouse channel. Memorable, really.”

So what do you think?

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