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Kids say the most guilt-inducing things

I got a lot of responses to last night’s tweet about my funny exchange with D, so I thought I would put the whole (sad! hilarious!) conversation here (which includes one of his very first three-word phrases). To give you a bit of background… Continue Reading “Kids say the most guilt-inducing things”

Hear, hear! (An update)

For two days running, we have had great news about D’s hearing and speech. I’m half-expecting him to win a public speaking award tomorrow or aomehing. During yesterday morning’s speech consultation, we learned that D has done AMAZINGLY well “catching up” since last month’s… Continue Reading “Hear, hear! (An update)”

Speech! Speech!

This morning we’re heading off to D’s very first speech therapy appointment! Cheers to that, huh? Like a restaurant you really want to get into, it has meant a lot of waiting — we’ve been on this list SINCE JANUARY. So we are all really, REALLY happy… Continue Reading “Speech! Speech!”

Hear a little, there a little

Today we’re off to the city to have D’s hearing tested — for the very first time since having his myringotomy surgery a few weeks ago. With his case, the gluey fluid in his ears was being suctioned out during the surgery, and then… Continue Reading “Hear a little, there a little”

Quick update

Today’s myringotomy seemed to go well, and D is in excellent spirits! The hospital warned us he would probably be tired and nauseated, but other than the first 30 minutes or so post-surgery, he’s been pretty much his usual self. He ate Goldfish crackers… Continue Reading “Quick update”