Category: Speech delays

Two kids, four ears, six tubes

Our children have stuck Lego pieces up their nose and put screws in their mouth (wait, both of those instances involved our son) and for a long time there was something in their ears that didn’t belong: glue. Specifically, ear glue. Gross, right? Apparently,… Continue Reading “Two kids, four ears, six tubes”

Hear we go again

We took her in for the long-awaited hearing test on Saturday. She didn’t pass. (Sound familiar?) It wasn’t even surprising. Her hearing’s been terrible for months now. At first it was for an unspeakably gross reason: wax build-up (!!!) plugging her ears. We dutifully… Continue Reading “Hear we go again”

Little kids, big words

He patted my head gently when he got home from school and saw I was still sick in bed with the flu. “Oh, Mom,” he started, pausing for a second to remind himself of the word he heard me use the night before. “Have… Continue Reading “Little kids, big words”

Language explosion x 2

“The language explosion.” I remember doctors and hearing & speech therapists talking about this all the time, when D was struggling with his hearing loss. “There’s a language EXPLOSION around 18 or 20 months,” they would tell us excitedly. “You’ll see!” Um. No. We… Continue Reading “Language explosion x 2”

He says, I laugh …

Little D attempting to strike up a conversation with a neighbour (who is much too far away to hear him) It’s so hard to believe that just one year ago, D was barely saying a word and had some serious hearing issues. Before those tubes… Continue Reading “He says, I laugh …”