Hear a little, there a little

Today we’re off to the city to have D’s hearing tested — for the very first time since having his myringotomy surgery a few weeks ago.

With his case, the gluey fluid in his ears was being suctioned out during the surgery, and then the tubes were placed. So in theory, his earing was (is?) 100% as soon as the surgery was completed. There wasn’t really a chance for drainage, because everything was already taken out.

So now I’m curious (VERY curious) how he will fare at today’s hearing test. There is a chance, with otitis media with effusion (OME), that you can have permanent hearing loss (if the fluid has damaged the tiny bones within the ear). Will he have that? Will he fail the test again? Or will he pass with flying colours words?

If you’re just tuning in, you can read all about D’s issues with hearing loss/delayed speech here.


The surgery itself was actually way better than I had imagined. We left C with Darling Husband’s mom for the day, and took our little guy into the hospital around mid-morning. He was in a GREAT mood, and seemed to be releving in our undivided attention — plus the attention of the doctors and nurses.

Seeing my tiny little just-turned-two-year-old in an itsy-bitsy johnny shirt was enough to make me teary, but he was so positive and happy that it kept me from getting too emotional. Plus, I was really, really relieved that he was finally getting his hearing addressed.

When a nurse came in and scooped up D to take him off to surgery, I cried a little after he left the room. It was anxious waiting for him, knowing he was being put under (and trying not to think about the risks). Mom was there for support, so she took Darling Husband and I downstairs and bought us sandwiches and chips. The chips helped.

Before I knew it, we were back in the waiting area, nervously waiting for the phone to ring. I almost jumped out of my skin when it rang, and it was for us! They said to come around back and see D right away!

I was surprised, because it was much earlier than they had expected. But when we rushed around the corner, we saw why — the little guy was sitting straight up on a stretcher, as two nurses struggled to keep him in a sitting position. I guess he fought sleep pretty hard, and didn’t conk out in the recovery area like he was supposed to!

His throat was raspy as he coughed and cried (the breathing tube causes that), but other than that, he seemed fine. Darling Husband and I took turns cuddling him and hugging him, because he refused to stay in the bed in his private recovery room. He didn’t want juice, or even a popsicle (!) so I knew he wasn’t feeling that great, but he wasn’t sick or anything.

We tried to distract him with YouTube videos of his favourite shows on our phones, but he was determined to rip out his I.V. He was yanking at it so hard that his fingers were coming out of the massive taped-up section, so Darling Husband ran to grab a nurse. She said it was fine to take it out if he was that upset by it, so it was removed, and he calmed right down.

We cuddled for a little while in his room, as he watched part of a show, but soon he was struggling to get down from our laps. “Hat! Thooes!” (shoes) he kept insisting. We slowly got him dressed in his street clothes (trying to take our time, since we knew we couldn’t leave yet), and then he was raring to go. The nurse checked him one last time, gave us some instructions and pamphlets, and then we were on our way. I couldn’t believe it!

We swooped back to Darling Husband’s parents’ place, hung out there for a little bit — D was running around and playing just like any other day — and then drove back home. We tried to keep him as quiet as possible for the rest of the evening, but he was acting like his normal self. There’s something to be said for the resiliance of a two-year-old!


D’s surgery was almost three weeks ago, and we’ve noticed a definite improvement in his hearing.

We find he’s responding to more questions now, and even when he watches TV he’s repeating things the characters say, or announcing little things about the plot. He’s saying a few more words, and the words he already said are clearer now. His counting (1-10) has really improved, and he’s slowly getting the hang of singing (and signing) his ABCs.

New things (more conversational things!) he’s been saying since the surgery …

  • “Hmmmmm … (while tapping chin) … Ah-know!” (“I know”)
  • “Bye-bye, Dora!” “Bye-bye, Howwwwse!” “Bye-bye, Daddy!”
  • “Mommy” (he only used to say “Mama”)
  • “I Okaaaaaay” (“I’m OK”)
  • “Eyyyeeeee youuuuuu” (“I love you”)

Yes, he is finally saying “I love you.”
It is just as amazing as I knew it would be.

And do you know what else? He is dancing!

D has never danced before, and suddenly — just since the surgery — he is dancing to music. When he sees C bounce around in her exersaucer, he sweeps two fingers across his palm (signing “dance”) and cries “Dahhhnce!”

Yes, baby.
She is dancing.
And so are you …

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