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Easy as 1,2,3?

I feel like all of a sudden, D is really “learning” things. And by things, I mean colours, numbers, and letters. In reality, he’s been learning his colours for months now (and had slowwwwly been grasping the signs for each — mainly everything was… Continue Reading “Easy as 1,2,3?”

Back into the booth

Regular readers will remember that our two-year-old son, D, has hearing loss. *** Long story short: he has “gluey” fluid in his ears that is preventing his eardrums from vibrating, and no one can be sure how long it’s been there. He is speech-delayed… Continue Reading “Back into the booth”

Totally tube-ular!

I guess I liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles more than I realized, because as soon as I sat down to write this post about ear tubes, I thought “Totally tubular, duddddes!” Ah, miss those turtles. Raphael (the red one) was my favourite. But… Continue Reading “Totally tube-ular!”

Today’s the day

Ready for another update in our Toddler Hearing & Speech Saga? Oh, the dramz involved in parenting! When we last left off, our son, D (now 23 months) saw a really great ENT (Ear Nose Throat doctor). He confirmed that he had fluid in… Continue Reading “Today’s the day”

Speech delays, hearing loss, fluid in the ears, and other toddler fun

Just to re-cap … Remember when we took the toddler to the hearing test? And learned a few things, like … Both of his eardrums aren’t moving He possibly has fluid in both ears He has a mild hearing loss ( >40 dec.) The… Continue Reading “Speech delays, hearing loss, fluid in the ears, and other toddler fun”