Speech! Speech!

This morning we’re heading off to D’s very first speech therapy appointment! Cheers to that, huh?

Like a restaurant you really want to get into, it has meant a lot of waiting — we’ve been on this list SINCE JANUARY. So we are all really, REALLY happy to be getting him assessed today.

I’m so curious what they will do, and how exactly they assess him. Sure, he talks a lot more since his tube surgery last month. But … but what? I don’t know.

I guess I’ve always thought of speech therapy as something that helps people who have trouble with certain letters — “S” or “J” or “W” (you know, tricky ones).

So it’s hard for me to imagine how they will help D. I couldn’t even begin to tell you which letters he has trouble with, because we’re just getting used to hearing him say much at all. Will they care that he signs? Will that be a positive or a negative to them?

He’s been really great lately with more “conversational” two-word and three-word sentences like these:

  • “Is OK, Mamaaaa.” (It’s OK, Mama.)
  • “C’mon, Sissy!”
  • “C’mon, Mama!”
  • “C’mon, pee!” (what, you don’t have to encourage pee to come out?)
  • “Lessss go!” (Let’s go!)*
  • “I sick.”
  • “Hmmmm … ah-know!” (Hmmm, I know)
  • “Ohhh, Sissy!”

*Thanks, Dora. P.S. Not really, because I kind of hate you.

Looking forward to hear what the speech therapist has to say, and hoping we can start the sessions soon. D’s really been improving lately, and I’m excited about how much more he can improve once he has professional help.

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