Kids say the most guilt-inducing things

I got a lot of responses to last night’s tweet about my funny exchange with D, so I thought I would put the whole (sad! hilarious!) conversation here (which includes one of his very first three-word phrases).

To give you a bit of background (in this highly complex anecdote about my toddler), D had eaten a decent amount of dinner last night, and then we went for a long walk around the neighbourhood.

He ate his nightly bowl of Cheerios and milk when we came home, and then I started to round him and C up for bed. But instead of following me up the stairs, he put his cereal bowl on the counter and started to open the fridge and poke around at things.

ME: D, what are you doing? Close the fridge! It’s bedtime.

D: *unintelligible whining while poking food items*

ME: C’mon, D. Let’s go. Sissy wants to get her jammies on.

D: *more whining and looking at items in the fridge*

ME (closing the fridge): Let’s go!

D (bursting into tears): I … need … food!

ME (stunned): … Uh … Oh my God, I’m sorry, baby! Are you hungry?

D: I … hungeeeeee!

ME: Ohhhhh! Here, do you want a yogurt?

D: Yeahhhh!


So we stood in the kitchen for a minute while he ate a yogurt, and then he cheerfully came upstairs with me.

Not sure about this whole “talking” thing — makes me wonder how many nights I put him to bed starving! 🙂

One Comment on “Kids say the most guilt-inducing things

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so cute and funny!! I can't wait to hear his progress this weekend!


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