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I’m sick. We’re all sick.

So I’ve been sick pretty much NONSTOP since D started preschool last month. In my three years of parenthood, this is the first time D’s really been “out in the world,” and apparently those preschool germs are SERIOUS, man. Here is how it goes:… Continue Reading “I’m sick. We’re all sick.”

We almost made it …

We made it allllllmost three years without one: a toddler stomach flu. It’s true. In almost three years of parenthood, we’d never encountered a child with an actual stomach flu. D had only thrown up once (on Darling Husband’s last birthday!) and we suspected… Continue Reading “We almost made it …”

Quick update

Today’s myringotomy seemed to go well, and D is in excellent spirits! The hospital warned us he would probably be tired and nauseated, but other than the first 30 minutes or so post-surgery, he’s been pretty much his usual self. He ate Goldfish crackers… Continue Reading “Quick update”

When you’re pregnant and SICK

I was sick this past Sunday/Monday.I was also 30 weeks pregnant.Those two things are NOT a good combination. When you’re pregnant, you can’t take medication (except wussy Tylenol). When you’re breastfeeding, you can’t really take anything, either (except wussy Tylenol). Since I did the… Continue Reading “When you’re pregnant and SICK”

Pampers, I owe you one …

I hate admitting defeat — or admitting I’m wrong — but … … Damn it, Pampers, I owe you an apology. Yes, you are thin. Yes, you have a funny powder-y smell. Yes, you are covered with prints of licensed characters. Yes, you feel like a… Continue Reading “Pampers, I owe you one …”