We almost made it …

We made it allllllmost three years without one: a toddler stomach flu.

It’s true. In almost three years of parenthood, we’d never encountered a child with an actual stomach flu. D had only thrown up once (on Darling Husband’s last birthday!) and we suspected it was from too much cake. It was a one-time thing, no biggie (says the person who did not clean the carpet).

But the other day, the flu struck poor D. He threw up from 11 p.m. on Sunday night until 9 a.m. this morning (Tuesday). We’d think he was getting better, and then … he wasn’t.

Luckily, the little guy was in great spirits even through the worst of it. He kept saying “I feel better now! I go dow-a-sairs and play cars and trucks?” and I was like, “Uh, sorry, don’t trust you on the carpet yet.”

Here’s what I learned in the last 48 hours of pukedom:

  • I get really, really, really, grossed out by throw-up
  • Darling Husband is the best man in the world for cleaning it up 
  • When Darling Husband was at work, I surprised myself by manning up (womaning up?) and cleaning it all up myself (without throwing up)
  • A toddler who will beg for Gatorade in any other situation will not TOUCH Gatorade when he actually should be drinking
  • Pedialyte is not an acceptable beverage, apparently
  • Toddlers will not throw up in a mixing bowl, even if you beg, because, duh, that’s the bowl we bake out of, Mom
  • They eventually learn how to get to the toilet in time … sometimes
  • Doing three loads of wash between 11 a.m. and 4 a.m. is … not fun
Hope everyone else’s household is healthy!

One Comment on “We almost made it …

  1. Sorry to hear this, Mama! No fun! J had a horrible overnight flu like that a few months ago and M and I both had it a few days later. I hope you all stay healthy! xo


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