Pampers, I owe you one …

I hate admitting defeat — or admitting I’m wrong — but …

… Damn it, Pampers, I owe you an apology.

Yes, you are thin. Yes, you have a funny powder-y smell. Yes, you are covered with prints of licensed characters. Yes, you feel like a paper napkin to someone who is used to the thick, protective goodness of a cloth diaper.

But you know what? You do hold lots of pee. I’ll give you that.

We stopped using cloth diapers and used Pampers exclusively on Friday, for about a 24-hour period. Baby Boy had a wicked-awful diaper rash and was sick/teething, so I caved for two good reasons.

Using disposables temporarily meant I could cake on lots of diaper cream (can’t do that with cloth, because it affects the absorbency), and it might help him sleep longer — very important, since I was sick and exhausted.

The cream cleared up his rash beautifully, but he didn’t sleep any better — although, in Pampers’ defense, he was a snotty mess and probably couldn’t sleep well, regardless of what was on his butt. I was really crappy (pardon the pun) at using disposables, though. I changed them way to often, out of habit, and sometimes one side would come apart.

I made an abrupt switch back to cloth first thing Saturday morning after waking up to a poo explosion. It had leaked out the leg-holes and into his sleeper, and I was totally grossed out. “Hear ye, hear ye! I hate ye disposables!” I had cried, fumbling for the bumGenius as fast as I could. “I pronounce thee done! Banished!”

I decided to put Baby Boy back in a disposable on Saturday night, though. He was feeling better, and I had been impressed by how the Pampers had held pee. Maybe they really would help him sleep better?

He did.

On Saturday night, I think he had two stretches of almost five hours. Unheard of in this household! Last night, we put him to bed at 8 p.m., and he was only up once in the night — 1:30 a.m. — and awoke at 6 a.m. for “first breakfast.” I nursed him, put him back to bed — all while NOT CHANGING HIS DIAPER — and he woke up cheerfully at 8 a.m.

Um. Wowee.

So Pampers, I do apologize. I judged you. I scorned your cost. I talked smack about you behind your back. I even glared at you in the aisles of the drugstore. But you seem to be proving yourself worthy.

What’s that? You want me to admit I was wrong? Weeeeeeell, fine. I regret that I was so stubborn. I regret that I was so devoted to cloth (and its cuteness, yay!) that I didn’t open myself out to more options. I was stupidly clinging to the notion that if I could just stick it out with the cloth then I could say I had never bought a pack of disposable diapers, and really, who the hell cares? No one.

We’ll still use cloth during the day, because we do love it — and because I still haven’t forgiven you for that nasty blow-out — but I reluctantly admit that we will probably continue to use Pampers for overnight.

Because getting some sleep? Yeah, that is pretty much priceless.

3 Comments on “Pampers, I owe you one …

  1. Hi Heather – As someone who works with Pampers professionally (I work for their PR agency) and personally (I've changed my share of diapers!), I couldn't help but smile at this post. Wishing you many more great nights sleep! Beth


  2. Don't be reluctant about it — you can't beat the night-time absorbency. I asked another cloth-diapering Mom and she said that she always uses disposables at night, too. Seems like it's the way to go. Hope you guys enjoy many more long sleeps!


  3. Thanks, Beth — tell Pampers that they definitely have a fan in me now, haha!

    You're right, Lindsey, I shouldn't be reluctant. It seems like most cloth-diapering moms do the same thing. Perhaps that's my calling — to invent one that actually works all night! 🙂


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