Category: Sickness

The unexpected absense

Well, hello. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@HFXHeather for both), you probably saw that I had a great excuse for letting the blog slide …  One of the many dreary, grainy iPhone photos I took… Continue Reading “The unexpected absense”

Attack of the 10-day virus

I’m afraid to type that I’m better now, for fear that it will … *looks over shoulder* … come back for me. But I have to tell you about the last 10 days* … *This post is totally not sponsored by Imodium, but they are welcome to send… Continue Reading “Attack of the 10-day virus”

There once was a child who swallowed a screw

“I ate a screw.” Life is never dull with young children, except I wish it wasn’t quite as exciting as a four-year-old swallowing a hunk of metal.