Category: Sickness

Fever, hallucinations and sleepwalking kids

This, right here, is the strangest, most annoying sort of plague. It’s not as terrible as the stomach flu, of course — DEAR GOD, NOTHING IS THAT BAD — but it’s lasting a heck of a lot longer. And the way it comes and… Continue Reading “Fever, hallucinations and sleepwalking kids”

Heather vs. Public Humiliation

I had a lovely day in the city planned yesterday. Lunch with a good friend slash editor and some work stuff. Even a little shopping! This should have been the first clue that my body would rebel and ruin it, because the stomach flu… Continue Reading “Heather vs. Public Humiliation”

The self-employed, work-at-home "sick day"

The morning of a “real job” sick day: Wake up and feel sick Phone or email your boss and say you won’t be in Doze in and out of a dreamy Netflix coma The morning of a self-employed, work-at-home “sick day:” Wake up around… Continue Reading “The self-employed, work-at-home "sick day"”