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The unexpected pregnancy test

While I was cleaning up some folders, I found one loaded with photos. All photos of a pregnancy test and the box, taken from various angles. I was like … WTF?! What was this fr– OHHHH right. That. They weren’t from the time I… Continue Reading “The unexpected pregnancy test”

Happy Hysterectoversary

March 11 marked a year since I went into the hospital for a quickie day procedure (this, if you’re really curious). A year since I fell asleep chatting with a friendly nurse and woke up, hours later, in horrible pain and mumbling “I didn’t… Continue Reading “Happy Hysterectoversary”

Six weeks post-surgery || Six things learned

Wednesday marked the six-weeks post-surgery point in my (surprise) hysterectomy recovery, so I thought it deserved a little post. I took this (makeup-free) picture looking out my kitchen window on a particularly down day when I was feeling all of the feelings. I have… Continue Reading “Six weeks post-surgery || Six things learned”

Missing: My life. Reward offered.

Saturday, March 7, 2015. That’s what I would choose as my last really “normal” day. We woke up and had breakfast. I shared my DIY column on making reusable kitchen towels. I darted out to my 9:30 Zumba class. When I came home, our… Continue Reading “Missing: My life. Reward offered.”

When control freak parents have to take a step back

You guys know that I am totally and completely OC about certain things (cluttered countertops, what the kids are wearing, etc.) and very laid-back about others (like caring if my sewing projects turn out exactly right … pssssst, they never do). I also hate… Continue Reading “When control freak parents have to take a step back”