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The Most Dramatic Flu Shot Ever, and Why Older Kid Tantrums are the Absolute Worst

Just when you think you’ve moved into a comfortable stage of life when no one is likely to start shrieking in the mall or make a sudden pee-puddle on the floor of the grocery store, a whopping dose of parental embarrassment will smack you… Continue Reading “The Most Dramatic Flu Shot Ever, and Why Older Kid Tantrums are the Absolute Worst”

When your child hurts your feelings

“I want to leave the family,” he mumbled without meeting my eyes. Six little words felt like six sharp punches to my stomach. He was lying on his bed, staring off into the distance while I sat on the edge and tried to process… Continue Reading “When your child hurts your feelings”

The trouble with "Boys will be boys"

I know a mother who laughs when she tells stories about taking her three sons to Target — watching them get into wrestling matches, hurl items through the store, and scream as they chase each other around the aisles.  She has literally taken photos… Continue Reading “The trouble with "Boys will be boys"”

Advent calendar drama

Who knew a $3 piece of cardboard with crappy little chocolates inside could cause such a big fuss?! Last year was D’s first experience with an advent calendar. He was 17/18 months at the time, and he was just pretty thrilled to get a… Continue Reading “Advent calendar drama”

Mommy Confession: My toddler embarrasses me in public

I mentioned in my last weekly re-cap that I’ve been having some rough times with the toddler. And, wow, yeah, I have. It sucks. I don’t know if it’s an early onset of the Terrible Twos, or if he’s cranky because he’s not feeling… Continue Reading “Mommy Confession: My toddler embarrasses me in public”