Category: Sickness

These hands

Well, this “hand,” to be more exact. I’m afraid for it. I used to suspect I was getting carpal tunnel back when I worked full-time at the newspaper, but maybe that’s because so many editors were wearing those braces. I’m a bit of a… Continue Reading “These hands”

Fever, hallucinations and sleepwalking kids

This, right here, is the strangest, most annoying sort of plague. It’s not as terrible as the stomach flu, of course — DEAR GOD, NOTHING IS THAT BAD — but it’s lasting a heck of a lot longer. And the way it comes and… Continue Reading “Fever, hallucinations and sleepwalking kids”

Heather vs. Public Humiliation

I had a lovely day in the city planned yesterday. Lunch with a good friend slash editor and some work stuff. Even a little shopping! This should have been the first clue that my body would rebel and ruin it, because the stomach flu… Continue Reading “Heather vs. Public Humiliation”

The self-employed, work-at-home "sick day"

The morning of a “real job” sick day: Wake up and feel sick Phone or email your boss and say you won’t be in Doze in and out of a dreamy Netflix coma The morning of a self-employed, work-at-home “sick day:” Wake up around… Continue Reading “The self-employed, work-at-home "sick day"”

When a friend’s child is sick

When a friend’s child is sick, you are afraid of saying the wrong thing. You don’t know if it’s better to say something in the hopes that they find it a little comforting, or if it’s better to give them their space. If you… Continue Reading “When a friend’s child is sick”