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The thing I tried and then promptly … stopped?

I tried to become a runner in November. Well, for like a week. And then I lost interest, or something. But then in June, I gave it a real try. I downloaded an app, I BOUGHT NEW SNEAKERS (the first sneakers I’d bought since… Continue Reading “The thing I tried and then promptly … stopped?”

Heather learns to run

So basically I was totally inspired by this awesome girl named Molly, and decided that I could learn to run, too. Molly’s story totally hit home for me. She did Weight Watchers, lost 50 lbs., and went from not running at all — like… Continue Reading “Heather learns to run”

Easy as one … pant … two … pant … three!

You know how life gets in the way of stuff? Yeah, life got in the way of my awesome running goals. I worked a lot of late nights last week, so last night was Run #2, and it went very well. I decided to… Continue Reading “Easy as one … pant … two … pant … three!”