The case of the un-eaten Revello bar

Last night, while eating dinner, I wanted a Revello bar. Like really bad.

I figured I would have one as soon as we’d finished dinner and cleaned up. But then I had my brilliant idea — I can hear Darling Husband groaning as he reads this — to go for a walk/jog/run.
We did, and I lived to blog about it. Then I had a bath to scrub off the Eau de Exercise, did a little reading, and went to bed.
Notice the part where I did not eat a Revello bar?
Shocking, I know. After the run, I was actually not wanting one anymore. I didn’t even have chips and pop a bedtime snack, like I usually would. It was like the world was turned upside-down, and I wasn’t hungry!
Apparently I have discovered the secret of skinny runners — running not only burns off calories, but also prevents you from wanting to eat.
I know what I’m doing again tonight!

4 Comments on “The case of the un-eaten Revello bar

  1. Definitely — I try to remember this trick. I remember reading in a Seventeen magazine when I was younger that if you think you're feeing hungry, you should take a brisk walk or drink a tall glass of water. Our bodies often mistake boredom or thirst for hunger. Good for you — being all ambitious 😉


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