Easy as one … pant … two … pant … three!

You know how life gets in the way of stuff? Yeah, life got in the way of my awesome running goals.

I worked a lot of late nights last week, so last night was Run #2, and it went very well.
I decided to go alone this time, because as much as I liked Darling Husband and Little Dog trotting with me, I felt like I’d be able to focus more with just my iPod. And I did!

Quick recap:
  • Started out walking to warm up
  • Ran flat-out for 1 minute
  • Dropped to a walk
  • Ran flat-out for 2 minutes — thrilled to see improvement already!
  • Walked for a few minutes
  • Got spooked by shadow, as I thought it was someone creeping up behind me
  • Ran for 3 minutes straight!!!
  • Dropped to exhausted walk
  • Got spooked by shadow again — thought someone was chasing me!
  • Dragged myself up the giant hill, with my calves on fire
  • Almost called Darling Husband to pick me up, but eventually made it on my own
  • Shed icky clothes immediately and jumped into the jacuzzi with cake-scented bubbles, mmm!
I’m not sure how long I was gone — really must invest in digital-watchy-deal — but I went further than my original run with Darling Husband: a loop through the top of the neighbourhood, then a loop down to the main road and back up.

What I’m liking: The very “fit” feeling I get while running, the fact that it really does clear your mind like everyone says, and the fact that after my bath I just drank water (no snacks, no Diet Coke!)
What I’m not liking: The way my face looks after a run. Red, but fades to a gross reddish-yellow, instead of its usual pale white. I guess the yellowish tinge is from lots of blood still rushing through it? Maybe?

So what do you think?

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