… and I lived to blog about it

Well, I certainly didn’t waste any time with my hours-old goal. Just got in from my first-ever official walk/jog/run combo — and first-exercise-except-tennis-or-Wii-games in a long time.

I am still in my running hoodie and yoga pants, panting hard, but wanted to record my observations for posterity:
  • Ears are hurting badly — is this normal? Is it the cold air, or is this some kind of running side effect?
  • Breathing is ragged
  • Feel gross and sweaty
  • Running down the hills was great, but it made my shins hurt — again, normal?
  • Darling Husband is much faster than me …
  • … and so is Little Dog.
  • I have an extremely … flighty … run. Arms sort of flailing, ponytail bobbing like crazy.
Kind of like someone I once knew …

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