The thing I tried and then promptly … stopped?

I tried to become a runner in November. Well, for like a week. And then I lost interest, or something.

But then in June, I gave it a real try.

I downloaded an app, I BOUGHT NEW SNEAKERS (the first sneakers I’d bought since I was pregnant with D back in 2010), and I made a running playlist (heavy on Hilary Duff tunes). I had a hashtag!

I ran up the street and did endless loops around a looping street that was perfectly flat and fairly quiet. 
I ran laps around the junior high parking lot, trying to distract myself from my own panting by counting the cracks on the basketball court.

I ran alone in the (massive) wooded park behind our house, and worried a lot that a rapist was about to jump out of the bushes and nab me. I also worried a deer would surprise me or that a bear would eat me. I’m not sure which had the better chance of happening, but they all freaked me out.

I actually saw progress, too. Twenty-five minutes of running seemed impossible at the beginning, but then I was doing 28, and then 30. I could see the potential to slowly, slowly get better at it.

And then … I stopped.

Part of it was the elements. I hated the way my hair frizzed up in the rain. I hated running in the sun. I hated running when it was hot. I certainly couldn’t fathom running in the snow or ice.

Part of it was also being concerned about my safety, since I was usually running in secluded areas (and always alone).

But a big part of it was that I found a different form of exercise that I liked way better …

… and I’ve actually stuck with this one! …

… stay tuned for more! 🙂


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