Not Me Monday: Nesting Insanity Edition

  • During the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I did not take advantage of my lighter workload go absolutely nuts with organizing everything I could get my not-yet-swollen hands on
  • I did not buy a bunch of white basic bins at the Dollar Store and proceed to organize the contents of our fridge and freezer by category
  • I certainly didn’t go through my kitchen cupboards and reorganize them to be more efficient
  • Cleaning out the bathroom cabinets? Nope, not me.
  • Organizing my scrapbook paper by colour and category? Uh, no.
  • Buying new hangers and re-organizing our master bedroom closet so that my items were on white hangers only, and Darling Husband’s (few) items were on blue hangers? Nah.
  • Sorting and dividng my clothes so that my “regular” stuff was in one section, my “maternity” stuff was in another, and my “nursing/post-baby” clothes were in another? Not me.
  • I did not wholeheartedly regret tossing my label-maker somewhere in the move, because it had been years before I’d bought labels for it.

So what do you think?

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