Dear husbands of the world …

Dear husbands of the world …

Want to know the secret to a pregnant woman’s heart? And it doesn’t even involve taking her out to a restaurant or bringing home tea biscuits, Snickers bars, and potato chips from the grocery store?

OK, I’ll tell you …

It’s catering to her furniture re-arranging whims!

On Wednesday night, Darling Husband willingly rearranged our entire basement family room/playroom according to my NESTING OVERLOAD hormones totally rational wishes.

I swear to God, it was the best night EVER!

Along with moving the entire enterainment unit/couch around, he also did some re-wiring of speaker-y things (OK, that was more for his enjoyment), and hooked up the CD player. So after the toddler was in bed, we moved furniture/discussed furniture placement while jamming to old-school favourites.

Hell, I DANCED around the basement with my big ol’ pregnant stomach — that’s how happy I was.

So husbands? Take a cue from my very Darling one. When your wife is a pyscho nesting preggo, indulge her need to rearrange furniture and neaten up rooms. It is the most unbelievable thing you can do for her, and it will make her very happy.


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