The full-term itch

No, I’m not talking about a physical itch (luckily).

I’m talking about that itchy feeling you get when you reach full-term status. That’s what I’m going through right now, and it … is not fun.

In the past few days, whenever I watch TV in peace after the toddler is in bed, it feels like a huge waste of time. But it also feels like a luxury that I won’t have soon — and it’s something I did right before I had the toddler, and I remember missing it afterwards.

Whenever I read my book, it feels like a nice way to spend my (limited) free time. But it also feels like a waste of time. Shouldn’t I be filling my time with something important?

When you have the itchies, you feel like you want to do insane, stupid things like:

  • Reorganize the kitchen cupboards. Because other people are going to look inside them! When they’re like … helping me, and stuff! And my sister is moving in with us for the summer (so she can work at a local law firm), and she shouldn’t see messy cupboards!
  • Make labels for the CLEAR storage containers in the upstairs bathroom cupboard. You know, because how ELSE are people going to know that there are baby bath supplies in this CLEAR caddy and Mommy leg-shaving essentials in this other CLEAR caddy?

And you also want to do mildy-helpful things like:

  • Bake huge batches of muffins
  • Fry up huge batches of pancakes to freeze
  • Invent another type of carb and pre-cook a bunch of it to freeze?

You’re also tempted to do dumb preparatory things like:

  • Make dozens of baby-sized hairbows and headbands
  • Sew a cupcake-shaped pillow for the nursery

You also feel like you should push through and get finished with all of your work, so that it’s over and you can forget about it. But then you remind yourself not to overdo it, because you get tired so easily.

And, of course, there is also the feeling that you should get out and DO THINGS. You’re not sure what things exactly. And you are too huge and uncomfortable to walk around much in public. But still! There must be THINGS OUT THERE that you should DO! Right?

In short, you cannot win.

I battled these feelings all day yesterday, and eventually settled upon doing a few useful things that I won’t have time for soon (making games for an upcoming baby shower for Best Friend, wrapping shower gifts and baby gifts for friends, etc.)

But I still have the itchy feeling.

So what do you think?

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