The thing about compromising …

Meet Grace.
OK, her name (probably) isn’t Grace. She’s a random kid I found through Google. But doesn’t she look like a Grace? Sometimes I shuffle through photos of random babies and kids I don’t know, trying to see which look like ours might. And this cutie has my big head, brown hair and pout.
If it were up to me alone, at this very minute, our (yet unborn) children would be named Grace and Jack — damn, just saw the Will & Grace connection. Oops. Or Jack and Rose … damn, Titanic! Anyway, you get the idea.
If it were up to Darling Husband alone, our kids would be named Melissa and Nicholas.
He is suggesting “issa” names (Melissa, Alyssa), while I favour one-syllable names (Jack, Grace, Max). I am picking all classic, simple names, where he … well, I’m not sure what his “system” is. I think he just picks random ones he likes — usually with “issa” in them.
While I like the idea of our kids having old-fashioned, storybook-y names — “Aurora’s down at the creek.” “Timothy went to fetch some firewood” — Darling Husband vetoes anything that isn’t mainstream. He especially hated Henry, which was a disappointment to me and my Time Traveler’s Wife-loving friends.
Because we’ll be in this together, we need to find names we agree on. And that is easier said than done …
* His favourites
** My favourites
*** Mutual favourites


  • Andrew
  • Benjamin
  • Emmett (Darling Husband hates it)
  • Harley (Darling Husband hates it)
  • Henry (The girls love it, but Darling Husband hates it)
  • Jack**
  • Luke
  • Matthew
  • Max**
  • Nicholas*
  • Oliver (Darling Husband hates it)
  • Peter
  • Timothy
  • William**


  • Alice**
  • Alyssa* (new add, by Darling Husband)
  • Aurora
  • Charlotte
  • Claire
  • Ella
  • Emma
  • Grace**
  • Hannah (everyone hates it, but I’m still holding out)
  • Hailey*
  • Hilary/Hillary
  • Melissa* (new add, by Darling Husband, which I vetoed by striking it out because it’s MY blog, haha)
  • Molly
  • Rosalie/Rose**
Um, notice that there is not a single name that we both love? Good thing we’ve still got lots of time.

7 Comments on “The thing about compromising …

  1. My husband and I haven't talked about names too much yet. We both like the name Noah for a boy. Its hard though because he'd like to have a name that takes in some of his spanish background but I normally don't like any of them!! You've got some cute ones on your list though!


  2. I saw that picture of the little girl and immediately thought Abby (or Abigail) 🙂

    You have some nice names on your list. I especially like Emma and Jack. You just say them and can picture two adorable kids.


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