The boy in the green room

Last night I dreamed we had a boy, and we painted his room a really nice shade of kelly green. We had all white furniture, and we spelled out his name on the wall in white wooden letters — but I couldn’t see the name.

Then I woke up, and I started thinking. What would we name a boy?
We know that I have absolutely, positively no shortage of girls names I like. But I do not have any clear favourites from our current short-list of boys names …
  • Nicholas
  • Andrew 
  • Benjamin
  • Peter
So I headed over to BabyNamesWorld to come up with some new options. You can search popular names by year, which is really fun. So of course, I went straight to the top names for the year 1800. 
Here are a few I like:
  • William/Will
  • Jesse
  • Oliver
  • Jack/Jackson
  • Matthew
  • Emmett
  • Harley
  • Timothy
  • Max
  • Luke
  • Henry
What do you guys think? Any keepers for the short-list? 
You’ll be happy to know that I skipped over the entries for Garfield, Adolf, and Doctor (yup, it’s a first name).
P.S. Do you think naming a baby “Harley” means I would have to give in to Darling Husband’s begging for a motorcycle? Probably.

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