Actually, her namesake is a vampire …

Hello, bloggie friends! I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. I spent Saturday night with Mom and Little Sis, and it was there that my new obsession was born.
Not a very original obsession, unfortunately: Twilight.
I know, I know. I am the last person on Earth to succomb. I have owned all four books for a month, and have yet to finish one. I picked up Twilight and kept putting it down because the writing kind of annoyed me. Can you say “over-written”? 
But Little Sis is a champion Edward fan, and her obsession made me curious. Surely, there was some merit to it, so I agreed to watch the movie. 
For those of you who haven’t seen it — if there is any female left in the world who hasn’t — I don’t even know how to tell you why I liked it. It was just so fantastically, obsessively romantic. 
I guess it really is the Romeo + Juliet of our time — remember how Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes were just perfection together?
So now, of course, I am all hyped up on possible Twilight-inspired baby names:
  • Rosalie (“Rose”)
  • Alice
  • Claire
  • Jane
  • Charlotte
They are all deliciously old-fashioned! I already had a thing for the name “Alice,” and now I also really like Rosalie — except what if non-Twilight fans couldn’t pronounce it? And said “Roz-a-lie”? 
Who am I kidding? By then, everyone will have read it.

2 Comments on “Actually, her namesake is a vampire …

  1. Ahhhh.. I’m so glad you finally understand the absolute perfection that is Edward. I also love the new names!


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