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Five enemies when you work from home

I love, love, love when people ask me where I work, and I tell them I work at home. Mostly because they all have a flash of surprise and say “Oh!” and then you see their eyes flicker a bit as they wonder if… Continue Reading “Five enemies when you work from home”

Five on Friday: iPad edition

It looks like these list-y Friday posts are becoming quite the trend on the blogosphere, and even though I usually don’t follow trends until, like, five years after they stop being cool, I thought I would try it. The kids and I got the… Continue Reading “Five on Friday: iPad edition”

10 wishes for the impending storm

First and foremost, I wish that it doesn’t affect my husband’s ability to get home safely from work. (Secret follow-up wish: Not that I wish him to miss work, per se, but if he should get stuck here and can’t get to work tomorrow… Continue Reading “10 wishes for the impending storm”

Five chilly thoughts on a dreary (snowy) Monday

The view from my basement office. The lights are off, and it is quite dark and gloomy down here today. It is SNOWING today in Nova Scotia, for the first time of the season. It’s a total rip-off, though, because it’s a wet, disgusting… Continue Reading “Five chilly thoughts on a dreary (snowy) Monday”

Five insignificant things that are frustrating me right now

Darling Husband’s shiftwork. I know there are times when it’s a good thing, but depending on what schedule he’s on, it can be a real bitch. On his current rotation, he leaves in the middle of the night, so the kids and I are… Continue Reading “Five insignificant things that are frustrating me right now”