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Work-at-home life: Five things you NEED to know about yourself

1. Know your internal clock: I know I’m at my best in the morning (that’s why I get up so early to work on my novel), so I try to schedule as much writing before lunch as possible. I know I always, always, always… Continue Reading “Work-at-home life: Five things you NEED to know about yourself”

Last-minute gift guide for DIYers

The calendar is positively ZOOMING ahead and I honestly can’t believe Christmas is on Friday, but people (well, the kids) keep insisting it really is. I’ve been wanting to put together a post like this for ages and am getting around to it kind… Continue Reading “Last-minute gift guide for DIYers”

The Self-Employment Meltdown: Pre-Christmas edition

When I worked in an office, this would have been a fun time of year. Work would have been winding down before Christmas. There would be an office Christmas party — like, with actual people other than just me. There would be Secret Santa… Continue Reading “The Self-Employment Meltdown: Pre-Christmas edition”