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Teaching kids to fall asleep

Helping a baby fall asleep usually involves a pretty steady routine: a warm bath, a cosy sleeper, a soothing story, some milk and a few lullabies. Helping a toddler fall asleep means helping them brush their teeth, wrangling them into their PJs, answering numerous… Continue Reading “Teaching kids to fall asleep”

Remembering the ‘baby bubble’

Something in our conversation startled me. I leaned back in my desk chair reflectively, like an old lady in a rocking chair thinking back on her life. “Of course. Mum-Mums,” I thought to myself. “Those awful, sticky, lighter-than-air baby cookies. They made such a… Continue Reading “Remembering the ‘baby bubble’”

Paying for childcare when you work at home

This is something I’ve struggled with ever since I started freelancing, when D was just three months old. “If I’m paying for childcare, what’s the point in freelancing? I’ll barely make anything!” I was utterly CONVINCED that it didn’t make sense to shell out… Continue Reading “Paying for childcare when you work at home”