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You know you’re a parent when …

… you pick up your husband at work, begin driving home, hit traffic, immediately begin going a different route, hit traffic, and then choose a THIRD route … … all so that the car will ALWAYS BE MOVING and the baby will STAY ASLEEP… Continue Reading “You know you’re a parent when …”

Sing’s the thing

Baby Boy responds really well to singing. I don’t know if it’s the rhythm or the repetition or what, but it almost always makes him stop crying or fussing. This is great news, because (A) I love to sing, and (B) I am totally… Continue Reading “Sing’s the thing”

How to make a really dumb parenting mistake

Wake up in the middle of the night Hear Baby fuss in his bassinet Jump out of bed Run to the bathroom Pee, wash face, moisturize, brush teeth Think you’re being proactive, preparing for the feeding that is about to begin Return to the… Continue Reading “How to make a really dumb parenting mistake”