How to make a really dumb parenting mistake

  1. Wake up in the middle of the night
  2. Hear Baby fuss in his bassinet
  3. Jump out of bed
  4. Run to the bathroom
  5. Pee, wash face, moisturize, brush teeth
  6. Think you’re being proactive, preparing for the feeding that is about to begin
  7. Return to the bedroom
  8. See that Baby is sound asleep again
  9. Lie in bed and wait for him to stir
  10. Feel positive he’s going to wake up at any second
  11. Hear him stir — check bassinet and see he’s still sleeping
  12. Feel supremely annoyed when he wakes up 45 minutes later
  13. Hate yourself because you could have slept for those 45 minutes
  14. Vow never to “predict” when your baby will wake up again
  15. Promise yourself you will not get out of bed until he is actually crying

So what do you think?

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